“There exists in every classic song, the nuanced assassin of a great songwriter...solid heart strings and sandpaper whisps tell tales without reservation, truths without regret.” 

Week in and week out over the last years - the smoke billowed from nearby flailing industry, and the poverty barked on my street.  From a soot dusted East End Hamilton porch I was at times lonely, but inspired with the music that was going to be created when night fell.   I sat in with many locals and got on my feet again.

The next record will be built with the bricks and mortar of my restarted life, from the last 3 years sitting on that porch in waiting.  Bruised and sleepless were some of those nights.  Drunk and high and lost were some of the others.  I won't say it was all good for the music, but some truth came out of hitting that bottom.   

Amy King of Grant Avenue studio summed it up after a recent recording session. 

“I have recently had the opportunity of recording Steve 'Deeps' De Piante for an upcoming TV mini concert series both on location and in studio.

As a working music producer, recording engineer and musician, I listen to, dissect, and work on music every day.

Steve’s (Deeps') crafted song writing encompasses everything from artistic stories, lyrical substance, well-executed melodies / arrangements, and most importantly his delivery is pure tangible passion.

Strong even with just a guitar and vocal, Steve’s writing gives me shivers as my mind journeys in to those places in my own heart that often times, writers are afraid to shine a light on. Full of darkness yet in contrast, full of hope, these songs need to be heard.