St. Catherine's Mahtay Cafe 

The first show outside of Hamilton for this cross country tour landed me @ The Mahtay Cafe in St. Catherine's.  

It's funny how a town only a half our away from home can hide such potential.  The venue is split between a tea shop and a room with a nice stage, ambiance and PA.  I played St. Catherine's years ago at the bustling Scene Music Festival with the soul reggae band some of you may remember called the Baudelaires.  It was a frenetic scene that day with us loading through the front window and hundreds of people taking over the streets. 

This show was a little less bustling, but fun nonetheless, and the walk I took around town before seemed to spark some new words to my mind and potential song material.  In recording a much as I have over the last while it seems the writing was on hiatus.  I am thinking now that Headed Back That Way has been released so had the potential for the next batch of tunes.

Here's what I jotted down :

             To get to the heart of the city you have to walk down to the river

             Sit on a bench on the bank and walk away with a sliver

             When you walk back up that hill you will have learned

             That in the water that flowed by you meet you the saint and you the sinner

             Reflections of you the loser and you the winner

             We are water after all 


It goes on, but needs editing :-)


I bumped to an old friend Inglebert who was kind enough to take some shots and write this article.  You may remember him as the gentleman who shot the video for the first of the play it forward  <---- original set link and the (cover set link)  shows in Hamilton, and for those uninitiated please click on the link to left and listen to some of the finer songwriters in Hamilton cover each other's music.  It's always a highlight for me to be part of. 


All in all a good start to a long journey.